Tomorrow we ride….. In full Halloween fashion

Tomorrow is the 1st of many all women’s ride for the all new ladies riding group Belles on Bikes Motor Social. Come on out ladies and let’s rally !!!



I’m to tired to blog so Mitch did for me

So I have had an amazing time….. So much I’m to tired to blog. So my fellow lady rider friend Mitch did for me. She rules.

So we have made it to Portland. Our halfway point. We made it here on schedule despite all the obstacles we’ve had. We’ve lagged at gas stops, gotten lost. Made unscheduled stops. Had mechanical issues, crashed (just me thank God). We have been freezing cold, wet and tired. We’ve slept in hay fields, the woods, or the floor. Gone days without showering! We are all hungry and dehydrated. Reading all that sounds awful huh?! Well…. It’s not. Actually it been pretty fucking rad. We are all learning a ton, getting better and quicker at gas stops. We have all laughed harder than we should at some of this shit. We’ve met AMAZING…. Let me say that again…. Fucking AMAZING, unreal people that have been so generous that I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. I am proud of my team!!
















On the road.

So we are at day 3 on the Rosey run and it’s been fun and a learning experience. We ladies have discovered we lag….. We take to long at gas stops and love to chit chat. But today were not going to do that!!! We have been learning from each day and working out the kinks.

We spent the first night in Big Sur and all I can say is the coast is beautiful and cold in august! No joke!!!! The ride was awesome and the twisties were challenging for all. We’re learning how to ride better in a pack which is something very important. Everyone has started to find their groove. We take turns leading and look our for each other. We have developed our own communication when were riding. We probably look crazy on the road.

All in all were having fun and enjoying the ride. That’s what the Rosey Run is all about

. 20140803-073329-27209070.jpg





Mountain turns and torrential down pour!!!

So My family and I have been in Salt Lake City Utah for almost 3 months now. And I finally got to get out and take a ride. I met 2 awesome ladies that ride here. Having grown up in the lake, none of my childhood friends ride…… But I’m in the process of changing that 😉

Jamie I met at a great bar she works at called “the rest”. We got to chatting and exchanged info. She’s on a 883 Harley.

Amy I met thru my husbands MC. She’s dating one of the members and we connected at the Waylon Run in Arizona a few months back. She’s on a dyna…… A big one.

We meet up and decide to hit Immigration Canyon, grab some eats at Ruth’s then jam thru East Canyon, Morgan then on to Causey reservoir. What an amazing ride. I grew up in Utah but I never really explored northern Utah. I was either in the Wasatch mountains or down south in Moab. So I was in awe at what I was discovering. Everything looks so different when your on your bike. The smells, sights and sounds are not the same as when your in a car. I can’t explain it you just have to experience it for yourself.

The day was awesome….. Getting lost, literally, riding fast, floating, cliff jumping….150 miles of beautiful riding……But the last 10 of those miles were spent in the worst rain I have ever encountered on my bike…….. It was so bad we had welts on our chest and arms. I felt like I was being shot a 100 times all at once. That might of been because we were going 90 mph in the rain. These ladies are no joke, they ride fast as hell.

We had to get off the freeway because we wanted to live and found some refuge at “the garage”. It’s a pretty interesting road house. I recommend the tater tots

I love riding by bike…. I love the places Sheniqua takes me and the people we meet. I am looking forward to the Rosy Run in a few days with my lady friends and all the adventures that were going to have. 20140722-105053-39053747.jpg




Rosey Run 2014

So were 12 days away from a 10 day trip on our motorcycles.
8 girls on 2 wheels
1 chase truck
2,500 miles of awesome!
Why you ask are we doing this? Here’s a little back story.

We all met at babes in Borrego and got a small taste of the open road and camping adventures. After that we wanted to take it on the road for real. We all have watched “the boys” go on epic road trips and wanted to experience that for ourselves. When we all ride together there is a synergy and communication that happens organically. But when you throw a dude into the mix it changes the dynamic. So we decided all girls trip. The road looks so different from a bike and experiencing that freedom together sounds magical.
Open road
Ladies doing it

Stay tuned ……



Harley Davidson Likes Biker Chicks!

I had an amazing experience last October.  I participated in a all womens motorcycle ride, Babes in Borrego.  I shot a few photos while I was out there.  And they are now being featured in this months edition of HOG, Harley Owners Guide. So needless to say I am pumped!  Take a peek.  I cant even begin to tell you how honored I am to have my pictures published by Harley.  #ridefast

photo 3 photo 4